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Fashion Tips from Heidi Klum


First of all for acne, atmosphere ,weather, constipation,oily skin, wrong makeup kit & food habits are responsible.

Atmosphere..if the atmosphere is humid it may cause sweat with oil the nourishment for acne lol.
Weather too is rainy season polluted water causes many ailments

Constipation is main cause of all sufferings of health.

If you are using wrong makeup..which is not suitable to your skin it may be hazardous.

NOW what we should for it? least 2/3 ltr water is essential for keeping body fit . it is advisable to use lukewarm water after each may be lemon water, lemon tea. avoid using cold or simple water after oily food.5/6 face wash in whole day with simple water are will remove excess oil dirt from your face. you can use fresh ones occasionally. these are preventions for treatment alum water should be used at least 2/3 times in a day.
you can use dry alum on pimples.
Multani mitti (fuller earth),oatmeal, gram flour with turmeric powder & almond paste are best for acne. u can use them one by one alter5nate day.
In winter or in cold weather NUTMEG gives good should be used in water.
NEEM leaves paste can be used in any season.
SANDAL paste is useful in hot season.

For having good skin take only five days in a month treatment of vitamins.
1 to 5..vitamin A
6 to 10 vitamin C or take one glass lemon water two times a day.
11 to 15 vitamin E 500 mg
16 to 20 vitamin B 250mg.After age of 35 Vitamin B should be used alternate day
You may plan it according to your convenience

Disclaimer: This are just suggestion,you may need to consult Dermatologist before taking any medications